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7 Reasons To Build A New Custom Home

It’s common to think a custom home is beyond your budget but the truth is, a well-crafted North Shore Property Solutions is often priced better than an existing home and is built exclusively for you.

1. You are Unique – Your Home Should be too

With a North Shore home, you’re not limited to just decorating rooms; your home will come from your vision and will be a place for you to express yourself in ways you never expected.


2. Designed to fit Your Lifestyle

Whether you prefer an open floor plan, or cozy private rooms, your home offers a wealth of possibilities. We offer award winning plans from which to start. You will work with our in-house design professionals to ensure your new home best suits your needs. We think about the location of your home, your lifestyle and your needs to deliver a one-of-a kind home that is built just for you.

3. Built for Today and Tomorrow

Existing homes don’t often offer the flexibility needed by today’s families. Whether you need more space for your family, want to include space for an aging parent, or have a separate living space to rent out, we offer you many options when it comes to designing and building a home that will fit your needs today and tomorrow.


4. Located Where You Want

You choose the land and the home. That means you can continue to live in the neighborhood you love, get that mountain view you always wanted, you can find land in an area with the perfect school district, or property that’s close to family.

5. A Sound Investment

Northshore's commitment to quality means your home is built to last more than your lifetime. Our homes feature sustained building and living practices, and come with a limited lifetime warranty, so rest assured that your home will be one of the best investments you make.


6. Built Around Your Budget

Our long-standing partnerships allow us access to quality materials at the best value. If you were to buy an existing home, you could end up paying for features or space you may not want or need. A Northshore Home provides you with freedom to choose where you invest your dollars. At Northshore we believe in upfront pricing. No hidden costs, no unwelcomed surprises—you have total control of your investment.

7. Live Efficiently

Unlike existing homes that require costly maintenance, Northshore Homes are built with energy efficiency and your family’s comfort in mind. Northshore homes can cost more to maintain and operate, especially if you’re forced to buy more space than you need. We make sure you understand that a Northshore Home is the most energy-efficient, affordable choice.


We take your dreams and make them a reality. Call us today to talk more about how Northshore can help you build the house that’s right for you. Call (231) 721-5241.

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